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Welcome to the Dessert Research Team web pages!

The main research topics of the Dessert Research Team concern methodologies and techniques to develop, evaluate and manage distributed complex systems, wired and/or wireless, with special reference to critical systems, and their related dependability issues. The main research contributions of the group concern methodologies and techniques to monitor and configure critical systems; middleware solutions for mobile and multimedia systems; experimental dependability evaluation of distributed complex systems; simulation and evaluation of wireless sensor networks.

The Dessert Research Team is involved into several academic-industrial collaborations jointly with companies of the FINMECCANICA group (Selex-SI, SESM), SICTA consortium, ELASIS, Nokia, Motorola and Strago.



Dessert Research Group:
Roberto Natella
Antonio Pecchia
Christian Esposito
Raffaele Della Corte
Luigi De Simone
Stefano Rosiello
Antonio Guerriero
Pietro Liguori


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