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The ESPERANTO Broker Platform
The Esperanto Broker (EB), is a communication platform for Nomadic Computing applications. By using such a platform, developers can model application components as a set of objects that are distributed over mobile devices and interact via remote method invocations. The Esperanto Distributed Object Computing model provides an object-oriented abstraction of paradigms proposed in Web Services specification. Further details can be found on the technical report.
Click here to download it

Positioning systems

PjBlueZ, an extension of the JBlueZ library that enriches it by adding a basic support for the implementation of Location-aware applications for bluetooth-based devices.

Sensor Placement Resolver

BlueJOIBP is a java application that implements a Computer-Aided Planning Technique to computerize the tuning phase of a positioning system.

Bluetooth Field Failure Data Analysis
In order to collect data about Bluetooth failure we have developed a Bluetooth communication library which is able to collect data by itself. Click here to obtain the library.

CLM is a simple daemon for mobility management in heterogeneous wireless environments. NCSOCKS is a communication API specifically suited for Nomadic Computing platforms. Further details can be found on the technical report.
Click Here to download the CLM and NCSOCKS source code

View the NCSOCKS C++ API documentation
View the NCSOCKS Java API documentation

AVR-INJECT is a tool for software implemented fault injection on wireless sensor network nodes. Click here for more information

SFI (Software Fault Injection)
This tool can be used for intentional insertion of bugs in a program in order to evaluate its robustness, to compare different systems and to improve testing strategies. Click here for more information



Dessert Research Group:
Roberto Natella
Antonio Pecchia
Domenico Di Leo
Flavio Frattini
Anna Lanzaro
Francesco Fucci
Fabio Scippacercola
Raffaele Della Corte


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